Magnet River


Juli Susin

From 2 juin on 12 november 2023, Musée des Abattoirs (Toulouse) on the occasion of Nouveau Prentemps , under the curatorial direction of matali crasset.


Chronos-Swimmer it is a long-term temporal investigation based on the perforation of time by the experience of emigration and the intrusion of science-fiction ideology into everyday life.

The installation is composed of two permeable spaces:
The virtual dimension, giving access to the holographic reservoir of memory, and the objective realm of the exhibition room.
The first space features a film produced in collaboration with Raisa Aid (Paraguay). The manipulation of filmic material transcends documentary shots, where time and territory intersect intuitively.
The experimental treatment of the image reveals phenomena emanating from the backstage of the physical world, informed by the “delocalized” memory hypothesis.
This hypothesis has its origins in the shamanic rituals of certain indigenous peoples of Paraguay, and in investigations into the energetic delocalization of lightning balls by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Piotr Kapitsa.
In the second space is the Boarding Area, presented the customs control apparatus of the airport: the Conveyor Belt, the Scanner, the Control Monitor with a zigzag-shaped instrument - the Radio – above it.
Placed on the Conveyor Belt, successive containers filled with sand, ceramic objects, photographs, and various documents pierce the mirror - the arrival space between dimensions in an unfinished transition to the status of cultural product, art becoming a form of contraband. This process is inspected the Baggage Check Scanner, synchronized with the film projected on the wall opposite.
The title Chronos-Swimmer is inspired by Jeanne Susin’s 2018 score for prepared piano and cello.
The music written for the film’s soundtrack, which mixes basic string inputs with electronic sounds, imbues the movement across the threshold between dimensions to elements of all kinds that materialize in the second space’s Boarding Area.

The concert-performance by Jeanne Susin and Myrtille Hetzel, who play the Chronos-Swimmer score for prepared piano and cello, oppen the exebistion.
Other objects are placed in the Boarding Area: between the Conveyor Belt and the Projection Space: an aquarium with a ski boot, a composite artwork with ceramics. The shift from one medium to another in experimental intervals manifests itself in the installation as a specific condition of energy in latent metamorphosis, linked to the phenomenon of a biochemical radiation of yellow luminescence, were the symbiosis is seen as a form of revitalization.

To the left of the Conveyor Belt, the drawing in a sculpted frame.

The ceramic works were created between 2017 and 2022 in Italy, at the Ernan&Pacetti workshop in Albisola and at Guido Garbarino’s workshop in Sacello (Italy).

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